Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR)

Don't you just hate it when your Youtube stream is interrupted by... silence?

Well, here's a not-Youtube website providing you with the LSUR radio in mp3 format for your streaming and downloading pleasures.

And just because I can, here's a track list.

Extended Mix

As I was doing the above rip of the game radio, I noticed that 57 of the 65 tracks were in the game files, and not only that, but they were extended/full versions, so I decided it would only be appropriate to make an extended mix.

Download or stream the extended mix in mp3 format.

It was recommended to me to use "Virtual DJ" for an automatic mix, but unfortunately it still required manually recording the full 6 hours and 32 minutes. Unfortunately, my PC gave up during the beginning of Tale of Us' set, so I have replaced the poor transition Virtual DJ had produced with my own poor transition to a second take that lasted until the end.

But it was not just the transitions that were hit or miss, in general, the whole extended mix is hit or miss — sometimes there's some nice extra to the track, other times it just feels drawn out.

Finally, I should mention that 8 tracks were not in the game files, and were acquired from other sources, instead:

The first one is from Solomun's set, the rest are from The Black Madonna's set.

Audio Formats

Always an interesting topic. Certainly not missed here.

Length .mp3 KB .ogg KB .opus KB .aac KB .wav KB
Game Mix 4h46m03s 261,472 331,005 204,194 268,746 3,137,657
Extended Mix 6h32m33s 538,693 454,668 290,561 377,927 4,057,510

OPUS is the clear winner, as I was kind of expecting, but I decided to go with MP3 for redistribution because despite OPUS' consistent dominance in compression, it is still not supported for streaming in Chrome.

Even though I expected AAC to be supported to that level, it is not, so I also went with the bigger MP3 file for restributing the extended mix.

And the .wav format gets an honourable mention for upholding Microsoft's consistently low standards.